What is Certificate Designer? How to Use and Send Certificate

Certificate Designer is a tool that allows you to design and send certificates to your event attendees. It enables you to design digital documents such as "Training Certificate," "Participation Certificate," etc. for a particular group of attendees who participated in your event, and to perform digital sending, verification, and storage operations.

To send certificates, at least one certificate design must be prepared. When creating a certificate design, it is created in A4 size with horizontal dimensions specified in millimeters.

To view certificate designs or create a new one, click on the "Digital Certificate" menu under the "Onsite & Tools" heading in the left menu.



Upon opening the screen, you can view an automatically generated participation certificate. If desired, you can edit this certificate or create a new design by clicking the "Create certificate design" button located in the upper right corner.



In the top left corner of the opened screen, name your certificate. If your certificate has an expiration date, specify the date.


You can add "Text," "Image," "Background," or "Variable" from the menu at the top.

When any text is selected, you can make adjustments to the "Font", "Size", "Color", "Alignment" and "Customization". You can customize the position and size of the box that will contain the text on the design. When the text does not fit in the specified size, it will move to the next line. It is important to calculate the maximum width of the text boxes properly to maintain the variable structure of the design.

When adding an image using the "Image" option, you can customize the position and size of the selected image on the design.

 When adding a background using the "Background" option, the existing background is replaced with the newly added one. The position and size of the background are fixed and it is automatically positioned to fit the page. "Variables" enable printing of the data that matches the attendee's information in the designated area. For example, the attendee's name and surname information will be printed for the %participant.fullName% part 



At the bottom of the designer, there are buttons that perform operations such as "Zoom in", "Delete", "Send to back", "Bring to front", "Copy", "Undo", "Width (mm)", "Height (mm)", and "Rotate Horizontal-vertical".

"Zoom in" allows us to see the design larger by zooming in.

"Delete" deletes the selected object.

"Send to back" sends the selected object one unit at a time to the back layer.

"Bring to front" brings the selected object one unit at a time to the front layer. This way, an object that you want to appear in the front will not be hidden behind another object.

"Copy" creates one more copy of the selected object.

"Undo" undoes the operations performed from the end to the beginning each time it is clicked. "Width" is measured in millimetres and is the general width of the design.

"Height" is measured in millimetres and is the general height of the design.

"Rotate horizontal-vertical" changes the view of the design by changing the position of the width and height dimensions.

After the design process is completed, you can save the design by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right corner.



If you want to create multiple certificates of the same type, you can achieve this by copying the designs. After creating your first design, you can copy the same design by clicking the "Copy" button on the certificate. You can use your attendee list to send the saved certificate.


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