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Experience the Power of Holacon Staff, Your Event Companion
Experience the Power of Holacon Staff, Your Event Companion
The Holacon Staff App is your command center for seamless event management. Designed with simplicity and power in mind, it empowers you to oversee every facet of your event, right from content curation to interactive engagement, on-the-fly check-ins, access control, and robust reporting—all from the convenience of your pocket. From organizing content to managing registrations, conducting live polls, and sending automated messages, you're in control, even when you're miles away from the venue!
Streamline Onsite Operations
Streamline Onsite Operations
Say goodbye to long queues and excessive staffing. Holacon Staff simplifies attendee check-ins with lightning-fast QR code scanning. By utilizing the Holacon Staff App, attendees can swiftly enter, ensuring they make the most of their time at your event, connecting and engaging without delay.
  • Scan QR codes from badges or mobile apps for quick check-ins.
  • Minimize wait times and reduce the need for excessive onsite staff.
  • Attendees can maximize their event experience without long queues.
Create a Buzz that Lasts
Create a Buzz that Lasts
Craft impactful, engaging automated messages to reach your participants. Whether it's a last-minute update or a crucial event detail, you can instantly communicate through text or visually-rich push notifications. Ensure your attendees never miss a beat, fostering an event experience they'll cherish.
  • Create and send timely, engaging notifications to participants.
  • Instantly convey critical updates or last-minute changes.
  • Increase attendee interaction and event participation.
  • Craft both text and image-based push notifications for maximum impact.
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