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Elevate Networking and Foster Communities
Elevate Networking and Foster Communities
Expand Your Attendees' Horizons
B2B Matchmaking: Seamlessly connect attendees with similar interests and goals, fostering valuable business relationships.
One-on-One Meetings: Facilitate meaningful one-on-one interactions, helping your attendees form new connections.
Messaging: Enable real-time communication, allowing attendees to exchange ideas, collaborate, and expand their networks.
Inspire Action, Drive Engagement
Inspire Action, Drive Engagement
With Holacon, you possess the tools to inspire and engage your attendees. Elevate their event experience with social and interactive features, enhancing satisfaction and long-term engagement.
Live Voting:Harness the power of real-time feedback with live polls and voting, ensuring your attendees' voices are heard.
Ask-to-Speaker: Encourage participation by allowing attendees to pose questions directly to speakers, promoting dynamic discussions.
Session Rating: Gather instant insights into session performance, helping you tailor future events to your attendees' preferences.
Forge Meaningful Connections
Forge Meaningful Connections
Ensure your attendees expand their networks and create lasting B2B partnerships. Holacon serves as your platform for meaningful connections at every event.
Messaging and Virtual Meetings:Foster connections through private messaging and virtual meetups, facilitating networking opportunities.
Appointment Scheduling:Streamline connection-building with appointment scheduling, making it easy for attendees to meet others with similar interests.
Streamline Registration and Engagement
Streamline Registration and Engagement
Our digital attendee card simplifies registration, enhances interaction, and generates valuable leads for your events. It streamlines the attendee experience, from fast event check-in to effective booth visits.
Fast Registration:Expedite the registration process and check-in at the event venue, reducing waiting times.
Badge Printing:Enable efficient badge printing, ensuring attendees can easily identify one another.
Interaction Tracking:Gain insights into attendee interactions with event booths and content, helping you refine future engagement strategies.
Engage in Seamless Virtual Experiences
Engage in Seamless Virtual Experiences
Holacon extends your event's reach with seamless online and hybrid experiences accessible via mobile devices. Attendees can join live broadcasts, engage in video calls, make appointments, and exchange messages with ease.
Mobile Accessibility:Attendees can access and participate in live broadcasts from their mobile devices, granting them flexibility and convenience.
Virtual Networking:Promote interaction with video calls, virtual meetings, and messaging within our platform, connecting attendees from anywhere.
Keep Your Attendees Informed:Effective communication is key to a successful event. Holacon's push notifications keep attendees informed and engaged throughout your event journey.
Custom Notifications:Send custom text and visual content as push notifications, ensuring attendees receive timely updates and instructions.
Announcements:Share event announcements in the social hub, keeping all attendees informed about the latest happenings.
Keep Your Attendees Informed
Community Empowerment, Event-Driven
Event-Powered Communities:Empower your attendees to forge lasting connections through dedicated spaces that extend the event experience.
Sustained Conversations:Provide a platform for attendees to carry forward discussions and collaborations initiated during the event.
Beyond the Event:Keep the momentum going post-event, enabling attendees to reflect, share insights, and set the stage for future partnerships.
Event-Initiated Bonds:Leverage the event as a starting point for building meaningful connections within the community.
Seamless Transition to Community:Effortlessly guide attendees from event participation to active community engagement.
Networking Beyond Borders:Extend the reach of event networking, ensuring connections made during the event flourish within the community.
Interactive Event Legacies:Leave a lasting impact by providing spaces where attendees can continue to collaborate and grow together.
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An interactive event application developed to provide interactivity, increase interaction and expand the attendees' networks in virtual, hybrid or onsite events.
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