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Create, promote and sell your event
Create, promote and sell your event
Holacon is a platform where you can easily register on both the website and mobile application and make your participation packages and event sales through secure online payment options.
You can create event-based packages, get registration and define access controls for your onsite, hybrid and online events.
You spend less time registering and selling your event, so you have more time to focus on creating a better event experience.
Customize your registration process
Customize your registration process
Holacon enables you to create as many different packages as you want, making it easy to track who has purchased what and how many tickets are left in each package. Additionally, our built-in reports help you stay organised.
You can create unique registration forms, participation packages and tickets with multiple and different pricing for your event and design custom registration forms for each sales package.
Manage your sub-events registrations
Manage your sub-events registrations
Holacon offers a complete event ticketing and registration solution. It also enables you to create and sell registration and sales packages for your sub-events, such as workshops, special meetings etc. You can also define access control for these sub-events and get detailed check-in reports.
Advanced accommodation, transfer and seating plan management
Advanced accommodation, transfer and seating plan management
Holacon allows you to manage many details, from your attendees' seating plans to their accommodation and transfers. You can place your attendees in the seating plans you have created and easily make last-minute changes.
If you have an event that includes accommodation and transfer services, you can also manage these processes on Holacon. You can assign attendees to the transfer vehicles in the system and share the details with your attendee and driver. For accommodation management, you can easily place your attendees in hotel rooms. Attendees can access the most up-to-date information - at which table they sit - in which room they stay, and by which vehicle they will be transported - on their voucher and from the mobile application.
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