Cookie Preferences

Cookie Preferences


This Cookie Usage Policy and Information Text, Internative Yazılım Anonim Şirketi  ("Company"), the principles of using cookies within the scope of and Holacon application, website and application visitors and users, which types of cookies are used, under what conditions, how user preferences can be determined and necessary information on this issue. If you become a member of the website and application, you can find detailed information about the processing of your personal data from the Clarification Text and Privacy Policy.

We use cookies to make the most of and Holacon application and to improve your user experience.

1. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small data storage files saved in a name-value format on your computer, mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices and network servers that you access through websites. These files store information about and your use of the Holacon app. This way, the devices you access will remember your data when you use and the application again. Cookies are essential to use the website and the application effectively and easily.

2. Based on What Legal Reason and For What Purposes are Cookies Used?

Cookies are stated within the scope of Article 5 of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698, provided that "data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned", "provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract, The necessity of processing personal data belonging to the parties and how it will be managed within the scope of this Text are used based on your consent in your preferences for the transferred cookies.

However, cookies are used for the following purposes.

- To perform the basic functions of the website and application,

- Analyzing the website and application and increasing their performance,

- Increasing the functionality of the website and application and providing ease of use,

- To perform personalization, targeting and advertising activities.

3. Which Cookies Are Used Within the Scope of the Website and Application?

Cookies can be categorized in terms of ownership, lifetime and purpose of use:

Platform cookies and third-party cookies are used, depending on the party placing the cookie. While Holacon creates platform cookies, third-party cookies are managed by different companies in cooperation with Holacon. Session cookies and persistent cookies are used depending on the time it is active. Session cookies are deleted after the visitor leaves the Platform, while permanent cookies can remain on visitors' devices for various periods depending on the area of ​​use. According to the purposes of use, technical cookies, verification cookies, targeting/advertising Cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies are used on the Platform.

4. How Can You Manage Your Cookie Preferences?

Your preferences regarding the cookies used within the scope of the website and application can be managed as follows.

- Visitors have the opportunity to customize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings on which they view the website and/or the application. If the browser in use offers this opportunity, it is possible to change the preferences for cookies through the browser settings. Thus, although it may differ depending on the possibilities offered by the browser, data owners have the opportunity to prevent the use of cookies, to choose to receive a warning before the cookie is used or to disable or delete only some cookies. Although the preferences on this subject vary according to the browser used, a general explanation is available at Cookies preferences may need to be made separately for each device that the visitor accesses the website and/or application.

* In this Cookie Usage Policy and Information Text, changes may be made without any notification to users due to legislative changes, current case law provisions and innovations in judicial decisions and other reasons. Therefore, the mentioned text should be reviewed and checked periodically.