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Create customised experiences for your exhibitors
Create customised experiences for your exhibitors
Holacon enables all the necessary tools for creating an excellent exhibitor experience for your onsite, online or hybrid events.
We are thrilled to offer you the best possible exhibitor experience for your events. We believe it's not just about providing a place to showcase products—it's about creating an engaging and memorable environment for event attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors alike.
From customisable fairgrounds and booth pages to lead management, advanced check-in applications and interactive experiences, we have everything you need to ensure your event is as effective as possible.
Holacon helps your exhibitors maximise their ROI from sponsorship and ensures you get the most value from your sponsorships.
The best way to showcase a brand is by creating an experience
The best way to showcase a brand is by creating an experience
We offer customised booth areas to best represent the brands of exhibitors and features that will help increase their sales activities and collect potential leads.
Exhibitors can check-in in the booth areas, collect potential leads by creating custom surveys and forms and access detailed reports. In virtual stand areas, they can create interactive experiences as pleasant as the events onsite and make virtual meetings with their visitors.
Give exhibitors a seamless way to generate and manage le
Give exhibitors a seamless way to generate and manage leads
You can get customized booth space and experience opportunities for your Exhibitors, plus a lossless process thanks to promotional product distribution and stock control. Holacon enables exhibitors to give their visitors gifts or promotional products via QR codes and get detailed product reports. Attendees who come to the booth areas can get their gifts or products easily by scanning their QR codes. You can easily check the status of products, track your stocks, and access your distribution lists on demand.
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