Onsite event experience

Holacon is the new assistant on your onsite events
Holacon is the new assistant on your onsite events
Holacon aims to enhance the modern and fast event experience for both event planners and attendees and offers end-to-end integrated solutions. We provide onsite services for your event operation, including modern and fast event experiences through our integration solutions with many devices, such as turnstiles, printers and barcode readers. Our technical experts provide support at your event to assist you with setup, ground support and overall event success.
Fast and easy check-in experience with QR code
Fast and easy check-in experience with QR code
We know that registration is one of the biggest challenges of a conference. It can be time-consuming and tedious for participants, and you want them to have the best experience possible.
We offer your attendees the fastest registration experience ever. Holacon enables attendees to register and receive their badges in just 15 seconds via their unique QR code, which they can access via the mobile application.
Create & print custom name badges
Create & print custom name badges
Thanks to the name badge designer, you can create your custom badge designs, make instant changes at the registration desk and print in seconds.
We also offer a full range of printing solutions, including thermal printers, labels and more.
Access control systems & devices
Access control systems & devices
Holacon offers access control systems that can be monitored, reported and controlled instantly.
  • Mobile access control
  • Access control with terminal
  • Access control with turnstile
Interactive kiosk solutions
Interactive kiosk solutions
Our kiosk solutions are designed to meet the needs of every type of event. Whether you want to set up a Tweetwall or self-check-in kiosk, we have a solution that will work for your event.
Lead capture opportunities
Lead capture opportunities
Collecting leads has never been easier. Our booth check-in feature allows attendees to check in with their name and email address automatically, so all you have to do is collect their information—and save it for later! You can also use our custom surveys and forms accessed via the mobile application, giving you even more control over how data is collected from attendees.
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Providing your attendees with the fastest registration experience is easy with Holacon.

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