Attendee experience

The focus of Holacon is attendee engagement
Engagement That Transcends the Stage
At Holacon, we recognize that events are more than just presentations and performances. They're about the individuals who attend, the bonds they forge, and the experiences they take away.
We understand that the heartbeat of a successful event is engagement. That's why our platform is meticulously designed to facilitate interactions among attendees, fostering meaningful connections and ensuring a seamless, enjoyable event experience. With our advanced moderation tools, attendees can seamlessly engage with the event, connect with fellow participants, and create enduring memories.
Attendees are always connected and engaged with the event
Seamless Connectivity, Meaningful Engagement
With the Holacon mobile and web applications, attendees have access to a wealth of interactive content, ensuring they remain seamlessly engaged throughout the event:
  • Register and Secure Tickets: Streamlined registration and ticketing processes empower attendees to swiftly join the event.
  • Craft Personal Agendas: Tailor the experience to individual preferences by selecting and bookmarking preferred sessions.
  • Forge Connections: Leverage features like messaging, B2B matchmaking, and video calls to network with fellow attendees.
  • Immersive Event Involvement: Stay in the loop with event updates, share moments, and engage in lively discussions through the social hub and chat.
  • Participate Actively: Voice opinions through polls and live voting, providing valuable feedback on sessions.
Check-in and registration have never been easier
Building Connections Beyond the Event
Beyond the event, Holacon empowers your community to thrive. We foster an environment where your participants can connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships, creating a vibrant community.
  • Pre-Event Community: Encourage participants to engage with one another before the event, laying the groundwork for meaningful connections.
  • Post-Event Continuity Maintain the event's momentum even after it ends. Keep the conversations alive, share insights, and plan future collaborations within your community.
A place where exhibitors can meet, network and do business
Effortless Access, Instant Engagement
We understand the importance of a frictionless attendee experience. Our hassle-free check-in and registration system ensures attendees swiftly access event venues and exhibition halls. Armed with unique QR codes, they seamlessly engage with exhibitors and explore immersive experiences.
This streamlined approach ensures attendees navigate the event without enduring long queues or delays.
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