How to Use Promotional Products System

The Promotion Distribution System is a system that enables attendees to receive the relevant product by scanning the QR code from the designated controllers through pre-positioned controllers. The system aims to distribute promotional items equally within the event area and provide reports on distributed promotional products.

To view promotions or create a new promotion, click on the "Promotions" menu under the "Onsite & Tools" section in the left menu.



Click on the "Add promotion" button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Please provide a name for the promotional product and then specify the stock quantity (How many of this product do you have in stock?) on the screen that opens.

The "Notes" section allows you to add text that can be accessed by either yourself or the staff using the "Holacon Staff"

The "Restrictions" determine which attendees with the relevant tag can receive the promotional item. If restrictions are off, all attendees can receive the promotional item.



Under the "Settings" tab, there is one option available. When the "Show" option is turned off, the relevant promotional item cannot be viewed in the "Holacon Staff" application. After completing the definitions, you can complete the process by clicking the "Save" button. To access the distribution reports of the promotional items, click the "Distributed products" button on the top right.


You can view, filter, and download all the distribution records on the opened screen.

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