Sales & Confirmation - How to Manage Your Event Sales

Sales and confirmations are modules that display all paid and free registrations and associated payments received through pre-designed registration forms for an event. You can access detailed sales information for each registration.

Sales and confirmations are an important part of ensuring accurate data flow by reviewing and approving incoming registrations. To reach the Sales and confirmation module, click on the "Sales & confirmations" menu under the "Registration management" heading in the left-hand menu.


To filter your search, simply click on the "Search" button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Each row displayed on the list represents a registration that has been collected through any registration form. It's possible for a registration to have multiple payments associated with it.


When you click on the registration you want to review, you can view all the details related to the registration, and you can confirm or reject the registration.

Until the registrations are confirmed, attendees cannot be marked as attended. Even if individuals have a QR code or activation code, they will receive an alert message related to their registration and will not be able to proceed when accessing live sessions, printing name badges, or passing through a  control point.

When registrations are rejected, the participant status is canceled, and they will receive an alert message related to their registration when entering live sessions, printing name badges, or passing through a control point.

To enable automatic confirmation of registrations that fall into this module, the auto confirmation feature must be enabled in the registration form settings. Click here to read the article on using registration forms.


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