New "Normals for Events

Events have been the ones most affected by such developments. Events are online gatherings which are very important for institutions, people and for brands as well. While brands gain visibility and establish close contact with a much larger audience, people have access to networking opportunities, and organizers strengthen their institutions through collaborations. Now, we are trying to achieve all this in a virtual environment, and we are entering in a world which we are not so familiar with, even lagging behind a little.

Too many virtual events and live broadcasting programs have begun to appear on the market. We use only a few of them intensively and yet have adapted to them in a short time. Now, hundreds of virtual events are organized almost every day, and as we experience virtual events, different needs arise in this area. For event managers, the continual growth of virtual events creates new ways to connect with larger audiences. It is not really easy to make the most of this trend. For truly engaging audiences in today's highly competitive digital environment, you need to deliver a world-class virtual event experience aimed at delivering value to its visitors.


Event marketers will continue to offer event participants a customized experience. This will especially centre upon post-event follow-up, where more companies will send personalized content to their visitors based on their interests. For this reason, infrastructures and methods that allow participants to interact at the maximum level and allow feedback from the participants will be used during the organization process of virtual events. Those Brands and institutions, which can truly involve their participants in the online world as well, will become the real winners.


At this point, we recommend you take a look at our Holacon Live Event with its interactive features and interaction-oriented infrastructure. 😊 Check out the features of Holacon now, helping you connect with your participants in the online world and provide a seamless virtual event experience.

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