How to create the fastest registration desk experience with Holacon?

You have been preparing for your event for months, are tired, and have put in a lot of effort.


Now the day of the event has come, and you are experiencing the anxiety and excitement of providing a perfect and trouble-free event to your tens or hundreds of participants on the field.

The participants waiting at the registration desk and the long queues are already visible to your eyes.


If you're using Holacon, you don't have to worry.


Smart event experience software Holacon offers integrated onsite solutions to reduce long queues during registration, your equipment and field personnel support costs, and to provide your attendees with a smooth and fast registration experience.


Thanks to the Voucher sent via Holacon and the digital badge they can access via the mobile application; they can quickly get their card prints and pass to the event by scanning the QR codes when they come to the registration desk.

Thanks to the thermal printer and QR code readers on the registration desk and integrated with Holacon, this process takes only 12 seconds! In this way, the crowd at the event's entrance is prevented, and the crowd is minimized.


QR codes also eliminate card printing costs. You can easily control the entrance and exit of your participants in the entire event area with this digital code without using a badge. Thanks to smart QR codes, you can follow the event journey of your participants and customize their booth visits.



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