Event Management Software Buyers Guide

Event Management Software Buyers Guide: a blog about what to consider when buying event management software.

Event management software is the backbone of any event, and the best way to get your event off on the right foot is to use a system that's been tested and proven. Effective software is a tool for managing events, and it's a great option for businesses that need to keep track of their event attendance, marketing efforts, and day-to-day operations. It's especially useful if you're running an event that's not exactly like other events you've run in the past, as it gives you more control over how things are done.

So, what is event management software?

Event management software is a system that allows you to manage all of your processes from one place. It can be used for online, onsite or hybrid events. Event management software helps with registration and ticket sales, content management and marketing, participant interaction and reporting. You'll find that event management software can be used by anyone who needs to plan a conference, seminar or workshop. It's also popular with those who need assistance with managing events like concerts and festivals.

Event management software can help you streamline your processes and save time by automating tasks such as registration and ticket sales. The software will also allow you to collect contact information from attendees so that you can stay in touch after the event has taken place.

A typical event management system includes the following features:

Basic Event Planning Software Features

When investing in event planning software, it's important to consider what your organization specifically needs, as mentioned earlier. However, there are a few key features you should look for. If these features are not central to your process, you may run into organizational issues, especially with your data.

The main features you should not compromise are event registration & sales, attendee management & engagement, real-time reporting, content management, event applications and support.

Event Registration and Sales

It is important that you create registration and sales packages easily so that your participants can register quickly and smoothly, and purchase tickets.

A good event management software should be easy to use and navigate as well as provide robust features that allow you to customize it to your needs. You want an event management software that allows you to create registration packages in a few clicks, manage multiple events simultaneously, accept payments online through different payment gateways, customize registration forms and surveys according to your requirements, track attendance at your event using check-in or QR codes so that you know who came when they arrived.

Event registration forms are essential to any event planner's toolkit. A good event registration form not only allows attendees to register for your event and provide their contact and payment information, but it also allows you to keep your data organized and easily accessible.

When looking for signup form builders, it's important to have a tool that lets you create customized, mobile-optimized forms. This way, you can customize the form with your brand, add text boxes, dropdown lists, etc. You can include combinations and make it easy for attendees to access from their mobile devices and have your registration form included.

A good event registration form builder should also include a payment processing option that keeps everything in one place.

Event management software that contributes to the marketing of your registration and sales activities is the best choice. The campaign management tools will help you make participant-based pricing and highlight your seasonal price campaigns. This will help you make participant-based pricing and highlight your seasonal price campaigns by showing off how much money people can save on certain types of events if they register early enough (or pay more later).

Effective Attendee Management

Attendee management is an important part of event planning, as it allows you to keep track of your attendees' data and communicate with them about any changes to the schedule. As a planner, you want to make sure that all of your attendees have a great experience—and that means keeping their information organized!

Attendee data management allows you to stay on top of your attendee data, and helps you keep it organized. You'll want to look for features like the ability to send event updates or reminders to your attendees, as well as track their payments, refunds, and other registration changes. You can also offer the rest of your planning team access to this information (and control whether they can edit the information or just view it).

Engagement & Networking Opportunities

Interactive tools and networking opportunities are the best way to keep attendees engaged with the events. The higher the excitement of your attendees, the more they will engage with your event.

You can fully involve your participants in events with features such as instant messaging, surveys and live votings, social hub and one-on-one meetings. You can also use gamification to encourage participation by awarding badges for certain activities or achievements during an event.

Real-time Reporting and Analyses

The real-time reporting feature is one of the most important features in event management software. It allows you to monitor the data of your event at all times, allowing you to be informed about the registrations and other data about the event that you need to follow closely.

When looking for a reporting feature in an event management software, look for one that allows you to create as many custom reports as you need. Make sure that all of your data is reportable! This includes registration forms and activities. You also want to be able to view and edit all registration data, track deleted and pending registrations, and override pricing if necessary.

Hybrid Event Platform

The new event trend is hybrid events. Hybrid events are the perfect bridge between virtual and online. The hybrid event platform is a platform that allows you to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to hosting unforgettable events. Its main goal is to bring both audiences together face-to-face and online, giving them equal opportunity to interact as if they were in the same place.

By hosting hybrid events, you can schedule a dynamic event that includes many more people than you can allow in person while giving attendees the option to join live or virtual. For this, you need to choose interactive, strong infrastructure event management software that allows you to filter hybrid events.

When choosing a hybrid event platform, it's critical that your company or your customers have the ability to implement marketing and branding elements. Try to figure out if the platform allows customizable themes, banners, placeholders, and emails on the event website or on the platform itself. This is very important because it is necessary to give the perception that your company owns all the events, which can mean more credibility and therefore engagement.

Custom Event Apps

An event app is a great feature for your attendees. This is because it engages your attendees before, during and after the event, allowing them to customize their experience with a personal itinerary, as well as browse scheduled events and speakers.

There are a few key elements that should be included in this app feature. One of these elements is customization with your colours, logo and another branding to ensure a consistent experience. You should also be able to provide event details and updates, have an attendee and speaker directory, and even allow attendees to communicate directly through the app via a discussion module.

This type of software will enable you to provide information about your event directly to attendees in real-time through push notifications, which means that if you want to make changes on the fly or notify people about cancellations or other issues as they happen, you can do so without having to go through multiple channels or wait until after the fact.

Now that you're familiar with the key features you should look for in event planning software, consider how these features can work separately or together to improve your event planning process. There are challenges that can arise during your planning—so let's look at ways to handle them using robust event planning software features.

Event Management Software is a must for every company that is involved in any kind of event planning or management. It is not just about automating the entire process from start to finish but also about improving your business decisions.

One of the benefits of Event Management Software that can immediately impact you is how it can save time.It also helps you in making better business decisions with complete reporting. A report is a valuable tool for companies to detect problem areas and hence assists you in evaluating and improving your services to satisfy the customers. 

Event management software helps you run your events smoothly and easily. It helps you communicate with the organizers, partners and participants more effectively. It also enables you to manage leads, and create quotations and invoices automatically. With this tool, you can close sales deals faster which saves your time and makes you more efficient.

An event management system has a portal that can be used by the participants. There, they can do the registration process, access event-related information, and list the Q&A or give feedback easily. 

As an organizer, you can upload any updates to the portal. It also acts as a platform where participants will receive reminders and notifications. This platform certainly helps you build your reputation as a professional event organizer. In addition, you can also take advantage of a marketing automation system to improve the company’s relationship with clients, while optimizing marketing efforts related to events.


When you're looking for event management software, there are some key things you'll want to consider before you make a purchase. You want to make sure that whatever you choose is easy to use, offers all the features you need, and will be affordable for your company or organization.

To help you find the best event management software for your needs, we've put together this buyer's guide with some helpful tips and information about what makes one system better than another.

When you're looking for event management software, there are a few things that we recommend keeping in mind: When you're trying to decide which software is right for your organization, it's important to take into account the features that matter most to you.

-What kind of features does the software offer? Is there anything specific about this type of software that will help me with my particular needs?

If you're looking for a system that can help you manage your events, make sure that it has features that will make your life easier. You'll want something that provides robust support for attendees (and their needs), such as an easy-to-use registration system or a way for people to reach out with any questions they may have about their registration. If you're planning on charging for tickets or offering special perks, then it's important that your software supports those functions as well.

-How does the interface look? How easy is it to use? Will this be intuitive enough for everyone on my team to use?

It's also important that your event management software has an intuitive interface—one that allows users with varying levels of experience with technology to access this information quickly and easily. This will help ensure that everyone on your team can use the program effectively without needing extensive training first.

-How much does it cost? What kind of pricing structure does the vendor offer? Does this fit into my budget?

In addition to these considerations, it's also important to consider what kind of pricing structure the vendor offers—and whether or not it fits within your budget

- What about the attendee engagement and interaction? Does it cover effective tools for attendee engagement?


If you're looking for an all-in-one solution that offers a robust set of features, including registration management and attendee tracking, but also has a sleek interface that's easy for everyone on your team to navigate, then Holacon is a great option for you!


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