Creating an Effective Virtual Event

Nisan 02, 2020

There are many important benefits to hosting a virtual conference.


First, it significantly reduces your costs. It allows conferences to be created with more affordable budgets - sometimes for free. Thus, many more small businesses and individuals can attend the conference.


You don't have to budget for some elements of conventional events such as the suitability of the place, refreshments, stage management, technique, installation, etc.


It allows people from all over the world to attend your event without spending exorbitant money on flights and hotels, and also saves you from accommodation and transfer spending for important names you will host. It can also help you include popular speakers who don't have time for a face-to-face conference, but are happy to attend a quick video call or pre-recorded presentation.


Besides, you can share your event records on many different channels whenever you want and use them as a marketing tool.


And of course, you can prevent unpredictable conditions such as adverse weather conditions, etc. from affecting your event.


How can we create an effective event in the beneficial world of virtual events?


We must first seek answers to the following questions:


What are my expectations and goals with this event?


Who is my target audience? What is the content of my event? What kind of an experience do I want to offer?


Which topics will we discuss with whom? Which topics and guests attract the attention of my target audience?


Where do I want the content to appear?


Will it be offered with closed access or for free?


When is the best time for the event?


How will the event registrations be made?


How will you promote the event?


Do you plan to work with a sponsor or another affiliate partner?


How can I include my participants in the game interactively?


Will people still be able to access the event after the event ends?


Will my event be global? From which countries will it attract participants? Can we set a common time?


What KPIs and data do I plan to monitor?




The rest is easy once you plan all these elements flawlessly and draw your road map. The important thing is to be able to carry out all the steps in a systematic order.


What you need in order to achieve all these are a good conference infrastructure, a decent team, the right partners and effective tools.


Impressing your participants at the time of the event and completely including them in the game will ensure that the effects of the event will continue even after it ends. This is our main goal, isn't it? For this, a system that provides fun surveys, voting, messaging, and question & answer to your participant as well as a networking to allow them to interact with each other will enable you to create a perfect event experience.




All of these are available on Holacon Live Experience 😊 We strongly recommend you to try it out before planning your event. We are here to be your strategic partner that will add value to your event.

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