Common Problems in Event Management and Solutions

Şubat 06, 2020




The idea of 'the more flexible the budget of our event is, the more successful we become' is actually wrong. The budget, without any doubt, allows us to easily access many resources and to improve our efficiency without limiting our creativity. However, the key factor here is not to have a high budget, but to manage the budget well. Poorly planned budgets prevent us from anticipating extra costs in management processes; however, we only realize how much we exceeded the planned budget once the process is already completed. It is important to research our event resources well, create an estimated picture and inform the team accordingly. Predictable and potential extra costs should always be planned in advance and added to the business plan.


Holacon allows you to organize, analyze and report all these items in an orderly manner during the planning and operation process of your event. Thanks to Holacon's instant and regular indicators, you can check your status at any time, update your plan and easily anticipate possible costs with your team.






Although you try to carry out your event operation with great care, there will definitely be some small details that are overlooked in this stressful process. We may fail to see and detect such problems, which will perhaps have a much greater impact on effectiveness than it seems. Here, the great stress starts at this point…


A proper task management and follow-up allow you to see every detail and not to lose control even in the most urgent and complicated situations. In fact, without having to take all the trouble upon yourself. Once you can clearly explain who is responsible for which task and what to do under which circumstances, the problems and details are solved with minimum errors and the process is completed successfully.


First, complete the risk assessment of your event and identify areas where changes are most likely to occur. Create a detailed event plan that explains what to do when and by whom. And then make sure you and your team understand the entire plan and are ready.


Of course, extra time and planning is required to manage this whole process. This is where Holacon comes to your assistance.


Holacon allows you to create your team and assign tasks thanks to the Task Management and Team Management modules. Moreover, you can rate the tasks according to their deadline and urgency and inform your team. You can instantly see who is responsible for which task, which ones are completed, assign new tasks, and get detailed reports. Holacon works to zero your chances of making mistakes!






The more guests attend your event, the greater your responsibility is.


Our main goal at the end of the day is to provide the participants with a flawless and impressive experience. Therefore, the slightest problem that will affect them negatively can cause great damage to the image of our event. A stressful process is waiting for you to be successfully managed, from personal invitation sending, purchase of participation packages, seating arrangement, participant ID codes to transfer and accommodation.


By keeping your participants in a certain order and by grouping and following them instantly, you can minimize the problems that may arise. A careful follow-up and order will prevent you from getting lost in the details.


Holacon offers you much more. Holacon allows you to create your guest lists, manage requests, send automatic invitations and e-mails, and perform instant status checks and changes. The online RSVP system, on the other hand, allows you to receive an instant participation response from your invitees and get rid of the burden of RSVP processes. Transfer and accommodation modules help you manage all these processes flawlessly. The private/personal participant codes ensure that each of your participants feel privileged, and the entrance and exit controls are managed safely in the event areas.








Whether you are an event agency or an employee working in the relevant department in your company, you will be working with many different suppliers at every event. To establish follow-up and communication between suppliers, to inform all suppliers in every new revision and to track the equipment and material production are stressful processes. The most important point here is that your suppliers understand your expectations and needs precisely and that you convey such expectations and demands to them flawlessly. The harmony and discipline that you have jointly established with your suppliers will enable you to finalize your event with minimum mistakes.




Holacon allows you to manage and to track all steps from the production stage of the equipment to the installation stage. In necessary situations and emergencies, you can easily intervene in the process and share it with your suppliers. Moreover, you can easily create a floor plan for your equipment and materials and make the last minute changes instantly.




Good team, decent planning and discipline are the sine qua non of event management and key to minimum error and success. Holacon offers all the modules you need within the scope of all these key elements that will lead you to success, and helps you finalize your event without any stress or error.




Why should your events be incomplete while the whole world goes digital?


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