Registration Management - How to Use Registration Forms

The event registration form is an essential component of Holacon's event management system, allowing you to collect attendee information and define paid or free registrations for your events. You can create multiple registration forms in different languages, currencies, and content and use them all for a single event. This feature allows you to tailor the registration experience to different types of attendees, such as sponsors, press, or exhibitors, by creating customized registration forms.

To view and create new registration forms, simply click on the "Registration Management" tab in the left-hand menu and select "Registration forms". Holacon's event registration forms provide a user-friendly way to collect information and enable attendees to register for your events quickly and easily.




To create a registration form, click on the "Create form" button in the top right corner of the screen.


In the opened screen, you will see 7 different headings that allow you to customize your registration form, define variables, and make necessary settings. The "Form Information" section is where you can enter content that provides detailed information about the event for attendees before registration. Based on the language options, you can determine in which language fixed texts that cannot be edited on the registration form will be displayed.

Under the "Payment Information" section, you can set up the payment options for your event registration, whether it is free or paid.

For free registration, no payment options will be available, and for paid registration, you can set up payment options and specify the currency to be used. You can also configure tax rates in accordance with the tax laws of your country. The total amount payable will include the taxes, and no additional taxes will be added on top of the registration fees.

There are two payment methods available: "Online Payment" and "Bank Transfer." You can use both methods simultaneously. For online payments, Holacon offers ready-to-use POS integrations such as Stripe. To receive online payments, you must have an account with at least one of the payment processors listed in the integration list, and you can test the payment system by making a small transaction. Please note that Holacon is only a technology provider and does not act as a guarantor or authority for payment transactions. Therefore, no commissions will be charged for the tickets sold through the platform.

For bank transfers, Holacon generates a transfer code for each payment received. Once the payment is verified by the organizer, the registration will be activated.


Under the "Packages" section, you can create registration types that include services offered to attendees for your event and set special pricing for each package. To create a registration package, simply click the "Add Package" button in the top right corner.


When creating a registration package, you can specify the services that will be offered to attendees and set special pricing for the packages under the "Packages" section of the registration form. To create a package, click the "Add Package" button located in the upper right corner.

After specifying the name and content of the package, you must decide which tags to assign to the registrations that come from the package. If the tag contains stock information, the number of registrations that can be made for the package is limited to the stock information of the tag.

For more information on using tags, please check out our "Segmentation Usage" article by clicking here.


In the "Pricing" section, you can access detailed pricing options that allow you to sell your package at a specified price during certain date ranges.

Under the "Package type" section, there are 2 different options: "Single-day package" and "Combined package". When "Single-day participation" is selected, the days that the attendee can choose at the time of registration need to be defined. During the registration process, the attendee can select only one day from the days defined in the package and cannot register for the same day twice. The attendee can register for a different day from the one they have previously registered for.

When the "Combined package" option is selected, day definition is not mandatory, and the attendee can enter the event area on any day without any restrictions. However, day definition can also be made for combined packages. In case of day definition, the attendee can enter the event area on any of the defined days.

For both types with day definition, the attendee can only enter the event area on the days defined during registration. If the attendee wants to enter on a different day, they will receive a notification at the registration desk or access control system.


In the "Settings" section, there are 2 types of settings.

"Display" allows the package to be displayed on the registration form. If it is turned off, the package will not be displayed on the registration form. "Status" determines the package's activity status on the registration form. When it is closed, the message "Sold out" is displayed on the screen and registration cannot be made through this package anymore.




Under the "Questions and Information" section, you can create questions for attendees in the registration form specific to your event. These questions can be created to gather information or to sell additional products or services .


To add a question, click on the "Add question" button located in the top right corner. In the menu, you will see 3 different types of question types.

"Predefined questions" can only be added once, and these questions can be used in the badge printing system and attendee list screens.

"Custom questions" can be added multiple times, and their content and properties can be edited as needed.

"Info questions" can be used to add specific information or gather feedback in a certain area.

To learn more about the detailed settings and features of the questions, click here to read our article.


For example, let's ask the attendee a question about their accommodation request during registration and add a fee and a tag based on their answer to segment them accordingly.

As shown in the image, we added an additional fee of +250 USD for attendees who selected "Single accommodation" and assigned them the tag "Single accom." For attendees who selected "Double accommodation," we added an additional fee of +500 USD and assigned them the tag "Double." This way, we can easily filter and export attendees with the relevant tag.

To learn more about the detailed settings and features of these questions, click here.

To display a question only for attendees who select a specific package or make it mandatory, click on the "Edit" button in the visual.

You can customize the question in the opened screen. Under the "Display options" title, you can see the packages that can be selected. These options work as follows:

  • If the "Show" option is selected for a package, this question will only be displayed in the selected package.
  • If the "Required" option is selected for a package, this question becomes a required question to be answered in the selected package.
  • If the "Hide" option is selected for a package, this question will be hidden in the selected package.
  • If none of the options are selected, the question will remain active in the "Display" mode for the package where no option is processed.

Under the "Coupon Codes" section, you can generate codes to provide special discounts to attendees through registration forms for your event. To create a coupon code, click on the "Generate code" button located in the top right corner.


When you click on the "Generate code" button on the top right corner, you can see fields where you can enter a title, prefix, suffix, and notes for the code.

Tip: You can name the prefix and suffix to describe the attendees in the segment where you created the code. This way, you can easily find registrations made with the relevant code in your searches.


Under the "Coupon settings" section, you can access the settings that determine the conditions for the code to be created.

The "Number" determines how many codes will be created.

The "Limit" specifies how many times each code can be used. If set to 1, each code can only be used once.

The "Discount type" allows the code to provide either a fixed amount or a percentage discount. If a percentage discount is selected, you need to define the discount percentage to be applied in the box on the right. If a fixed amount discount is selected, simply specify the total discount amount to be applied.

You can create a 100% discount code for an attendee group to register for free, e.g. for sponsors, special guests, etc.

The "Status" option determines whether the code is active or inactive. If the option is inactive, all codes in this group will become unusable.


Under the "Package restrictions" section, you can ensure that the generated code is only applicable to specific packages.

After clicking on the button in the upper right corner, you can view your existing packages below.

The "Define" option ensures that the code only works in the selected packages.

The "Required" option makes entering the code mandatory in the selected packages.

If a code is defined with the "Required" option for a package, registration cannot be completed through the related package without entering any code within the defined code group.



Under the "Reminder" section, you can enable the reminder feature to send emails to the specified person with their name and email address at certain intervals for unused codes in the created code group.

After opening the button in the upper right corner, you can use this feature by filling in the information in the lower section. To edit the content of the outgoing email, you can refer to our article on Automated messages by clicking here.


To view the usage status of coupon codes, simply click on the highlighted button in the image.

Açılan ekranda kod gurubu içerisindeki kupon kodlarını görüntüleyebilirsiniz, her bir kodun yanındaki imgeye tıklayarak kodun kopyalanmasını sağlayabilirsiniz.

“Limit/Kullanım” başlığında kodun kullanım limiti ve kullanım adetini görebilirsiniz.

“Kalan” kısmında kullanılabilir miktarı görüntüleyebilirsiniz.

“Hızlı kayıt linki” başlığına tıklayarak kodun tanımlı olduğun şekilde kayıt formu linki üretebilirsiniz. Bu seçenek genel olarak aşağıdakine benzer durumlarda kullanılabilir;

Örneğin: Etkinlik alanına gelecek görevlilerin kaydı veya sponsor katılımcıların kaydı alınırken %100 indirim sağlayan bir kod ile kişinin kayıt formu üzerinden hiç ücret ödemeden kayıt olabilmesi sağlanabilir.

“İndir” tuşunu kullanarak ilgili kod grubunu dışarıya aktarabilirsiniz.

You can view the coupon codes in the coupon group on the screen that opens. By clicking on the icon next to each code, you can copy the code.

Under the "Limit/Usage" heading, you can see the usage limit and usage count of the code.

In the "Remainder" section, you can view the remaining available amount.

By clicking on the "Quick registration link", you can generate the registration form link that the code is associated with. This option is generally used in situations such as:

For example, when registering event staff or sponsor participants, a code that provides a 100% discount can be used, allowing the person to register without paying any fees through the registration form. You can export the relevant code group by using the "Download" button.


Under the "Contracts" section, you can add the contracts that you want attendees to sign during the registration process for your event on the registration form.

When you activate the key for the type of contract you want to add, you can enter the title and content of the contract. Attendees will be required to confirm the activated contracts during the registration process.


Under the "Form Settings" section, you can access the settings that determine the functioning of the registration form created for the event.

When the "Group registration" option is enabled, attendees can register for multiple attendees through the registration form, whereas when the key is off, only one attendee can register. Depending on this key, there may be changes in the form view. For example, if the group registration setting is disabled, the registration form adjusts itself using its smart structure and automatically skips the package selection step, selecting the package itself.

The minimum number of attendees can be set to 1, which requires at least 1 registration in the cart to complete the registration process. The maximum number of attendees can be set to 100, which indicates that a maximum of 100 registrations can be completed in the cart.

For example, when we register for the form with a minimum of 2 attendees and a maximum of 2 attendees, the registration form specifies that there must be 2 attendee in the cart.

The "Limit" setting limits the number of registrations that can be taken through the registration form.

The "Transaction and receipt information" allows the person who made the transaction to obtain their information. For example, if an employee of a company creates an event registration for 5 managers, the person who made the transaction enters their own information to follow up on the transaction, and necessary information can also be collected for invoicing or receipts.

When the "Automatic confirmation" option is enabled, automatic confirmation can be provided for online payments and free registrations. If the option is not active, each registration received must be checked and approved through the "Sales and confirmations" module. Unconfirmed registrations do not appear on the Attendee list. The person registering is warned about the confirmation of the registration at the registration desk or  control points, and access is not allowed until the registration is approved.

The "Auto voucher" option is linked to the automatic confirmation option; however, this option can only be used when the automatic confirmation option is enabled. For registrations that are automatically confirmed, the sending process of the voucher prepared in advance and assigned to this option is carried out automatically.

When the "Status" option is turned off, the registration form stops accepting registrations, and the message "Registration is closed" is displayed on the screen.

When the "View" option is turned off, the registration form is not displayed on widgets or form lists. Registration forms set up in this way can be sent as a link to perform registration processes, such as private invitations or registrations of staff.

Note about registration forms: Registration forms that have already undergone the registration process cannot be deleted. If registration is not desired, the "View" and "Status" options must be disabled. Changing the currency after registering through the registration form will cause problems in your reports. You can observe and download detailed data about the registration form from the "Overview and Reports" screen.


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